Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Can Look...

But Don't Touch!!

AH MAH GAWD! So The Clique is the best movie I have ever seen. Better than High School Musical! The Spanish one is the hottest!

Also, better than HSM is The Food Boy. Pastrami flying outta his hands what could be better?

Ok so got nothing to write about. Except this Bruce Willis Movie. Or should I say, "Bruce Willis" movie? Cos it has no fucking Brucey in it! The ads fully showed him in at LEAST two scenes and so far (like an hour into the movie) there's bit one scene for literally 2 seconds of the sex pot that is Willis. I'm so annoyed. I love Brucey. FUCK DENZEL WASHINGTON!

Hot asian girl lost her arm in this movie. Shame.
But I don't care cos there's no Bruce Willis.

None of this:

Or this

LOL @ "Text 'Dead' and 'your name' to this number to find out when you'll die... for example "Karl Dead" LOLOLOL too funny. These ads are so stupid.

FINALLY Bruce has appeared. He's quiet. Quiet and sexy. Just how I like them...

Wah haven't blogged in so long cos of stupid uni :( and now the holidays have arrived so get ready to get PWNED VIA BLOG!!

Celebrity Death Prediction: Denzel Washington
Method of Death: An Extreme Bruce Willis Fan

Till next time,

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You can look.. but don't touch! hahaha <3

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