Sunday, June 14, 2009


You may be thinking "Yes. Correct. A hot Jew is an oxymoron." I have indeed laid a very intricate trap for you readers. In fact, there is one hot Jew. Possibly more, I'm not entirely sure on the figures. So while I listen to Yves Klein Blue's "Polka", which is the best song to stalk to, I will show you this magnificent discovery. Off I go to Google his name. Ah so many pictures. Ok here is what I found first when I typed his name in. It is major lol.

Haha. It said "Jeff Braine At FFS" lolol. My two favourite things!

Ok so this is actually him. The hottest Jew ALIVE! Here's another one.

Ok done with the Jew spam.

Yet again, nothing to do. How about I keep you updated with the movie I'm watching? Yes. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Yes. You would. Or would you? Yes. Or would you? Yes. Well was going to watch this movie called "Surviving Style 5+" but that's only cos I thought it said "Survivng Style St" and I thought "woah cool movie" but it's actually some weird Asian shit and I'm not sure it's in English. Anyway, was boring. So then I decided "Hm should watch some Lock Stock then" but then my DVD of it didn't work and I could only hear the sound, not the video. PWND. So now I'm watching... "In Bruges". Unfortunately it has Colin Farrell in it. But it's also got Mad Eye Moody and Ralph Fiennes!! Voldemort!! Whoops, I meant VOLDEY!!! It's meant to be funny. Right now, it ain't. Every 2nd word is fuck so it'd be good for a drinking game.

I feel pressured to be funny. Like this movie. Zomg Colin just killed a priest! This is such a bad movie I really do not recommend you watch it.

Celebrity Death Prediction: Mel Gibson
Method of Death: His millions of children

Colin Farrell,

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