Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Won't Be Seventeen Forever THANK GOD


OMGZ so uni is almost starting. I can't imagine how little I will write in this blog after Uni starts cos right now I'm doing an entry every 2 months.

I was sending Valentine messages to my friends on Saturday and I always put x's on them for good friends. Sometimes maybe some xoxo's Gossip Girl stylez. The problem is that when I write messages to people who aren't really good friends I sometimes put x's which can lead to confusion.

Sexy confusion.

I was watching Skins yesterday. I'm officially obsessed with it. We can only hope that America doesn't get hold of it and try and make an American version of it. It'd be terrible. Just like Life On Mars and The Office. They were the worst re-makes I've ever seen. RE-MAKES SUCK!

Celebrity Death Prediction:
Celebrity: Chris Brown
Method Of Death: Killed by Rihanna's Granny

Jared Leto

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