Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sheep Go To Heaven Goats Go To Hell

Cute plates by Studio Psycho

So, like oh em GEE how cute are these plates?! I really want some but I don't know where to get them from. Maybe they're those quirky Europeans again!

The Hundreds and Medicom Toy Co. Adam Bomb

SORRY I haven't blogged in like 2 days!! There are excuses for it, for instance, giant spiders attacked. They were enormous with eye lasers, destroying buildings and showed no sign of stopping UNTIL I figured out a way to make them stop. It turned out that the spiders were actually robotic and were being controlled remotely. It all made sense. But who? And why?

The who made the why abundantly clear. It could only be one man. Dr. Mc Hatey Hate Hate. Mc Hate had it in for the city ever since he was foiled in his attempt to take over the world. Lucky for you, I know where he lives. It's in an underground lair in a volcano called Mount Evil. I went to Mount Evil, had it out with a few henchmen and eventually found myself face to face with Dr. Mc Hatey Hate Hate and his many, many minions. I knocked the remote control from his hand and managed to stop the spiders from destroying the city, but as I was deactivating the spiders he let his Dragon escape. That stupid dragon never shuts up even though it was out of the media spotlight for a year. Hate that dragon.

So that is why I haven't been blogging for the neat sum of 2 whole days.

So anywayz, Camp Rock was on last night. Disney movies are heaps cool but like High School Musical TOATS KILLS IT. YEAH HSM FTW!! Comes out on the 4th of December by the way lol. Y'all gotta see it. The Jo Bro's may suck at acting but at least they manage to look pretty. I've never seen a dude with such huuuge eyebrows and yet...they're so neatly shaped and well managed. Gotta respect a brother for taking pride and probably hours in perfecting his appearance. Beautiful man.

Stay tuned when I actually have something worthwhile to talk about...

Douche Of The Day: Pink - she just sucks

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Today's Celebrity Death Prediction:
Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
Method Of Death: Angry fans who wanted Australia the movie to be good but she ruined it so they trampled her but spared Hugh Jackman - the god of all men.

The Other Jonas

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