Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dude! That's Not Mud.

Halloween. Best holiday ever.

Purely an awesome excuse to dress like Elmo and still manage to look hot? No. Not in reality. She must be French. Cos French girls are always hot contrary to popular belief.

You can thank late nights, hours on the interwebs and procrastinating from studying for exams for this expression of hatred for most things in our materialistic, contemporary society. This will probably be just a compilation of things I hate among people I hate and why I hate them. Perhaps bands I hate and possibly why they hate themselves. But where would they be if it wasn't for those self hating tweens who love them and buy their albums till they have no money left to spend on fluro clothing and cigarettes.

"A dude got 1/10 for sex". That probably won't make that much sense to you. There is a sex show on. For married couples who can't get it on. You have to feel sorry for those people. They have to go on national television to spark up their sex lifes. For fuck's sake grow some balls, get some chocolate and call it a night. Only the British.

Oh another stream of hate. While my msn fucks up and throws my carefully thought out and excellently worded sentences back into my face, why do people wear Crocs? They have to know they look absolutely idiotic, right?
Not only are they the ugliest bits of plastic to be morphed into some sort of reptile based shoe, they are actually being worn... I just don't understand it.

Currently Listening To:
Actually, It's Darkness - Idlewild

Today's celebrity death prediction:
Celebrity: Rob Schneider
Method Of Death: Murdered By Mel Gibson

I bid thee farewell and goodnight.

Aaron Carter. Lol. I wish.

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