Thursday, December 11, 2008

That Doesn't Feel Like A Massage To Me

-How freaking cute is it? You can toats make them too at Cube Craft.

Whenever I go out or get a brain wave from a heat wave from staying the house wave, I see so much stuff that I say, "I'll put that in the blog", but then I don't actually do it because I forget what it is that impressed me so.

That reminds me, you know what I think is stupid? People who say, I have to go to this party, bar, pub, sporting event - whatever. You don't have to go. If you don't go I'm pretty sure whatever the event is will continue. I don't think that the Swans will stop playing St. Kilda when it's revealed you're not at the game. I don't think that Jude Bolton will start walking off the ground, with his shoulders slumped, despondent, upset, take a seat on the bench and start to take his boots off. And then Paul Roos calls him on the little phone, Heath James, the runner (and one of the greats) will yell out across the bench, "Bolts!! Roosy want to speak with you!!” Jude will then explain how he can't play without you there, it just doesn't feel right. Roos will then leave the coaches box, walk on to the ground call the umpires into the middle and explain that you're not there and that there's no other option but to forfeit. The Swannies then miss the finals by a game. The game that you said you'd go to. If that was to be the chain of events, then you could say, "I can’t on Sunday, I've got to go to the footy".

Anyway, what else is also really irritating is when someone ruins something excellent because they think they can do better on thier own but then they suck at that and wish they never ruined the original something in the first place. EXAMPLE! Billy Corgan leaving the Smashing Pumpkins for his new band Zwan. What's the prob? Well no one knows who the fuck Zwan is. I just bought the CD cos it was his band and it was for 5 bucks. Why would you fuck something up when it was so good just to show how good you are but then end up hating yourself and everyone around you cos everyone else hates you and everyone around you cos you fucked up EVERYTHING?! Pressure. And in the end good old Billy Goat Corgan was quoted last year saying "I want my band back" but did they care? No. Cos he fucked everything up.

End of rant.

Celebrity Death Prediction:
Celebrity: Zac Efron
Method Of Death: Snu Snu

Laters Skaters

Zac Efron's homo erotic spirit

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