Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laid Back Big Mac

Little tennis ball heads that hold your towels is such a good invention. Like the best. Evar! How handy. You know what else is handy apart from Handy Ultra? Stationary. Cute stationary. Stationary from Kikki K. It's always the Europeans who are making the cutesy stuff that make your home look like it was in a Pop Art magazine where everything is made from clear plastic.

Speaking of plastic you can get these adorable Visa cards in whatever style you want. It makes handing over your Visa a lot more fun than it used to be. Like, snuh who wants to use some boring plain blue card these days? Even in this recession people all over the world (especially the cool kids in Europe in their clear plastic homes) will be using it just to make some sort of statement; a statement where they aren't even sure of the meaning.

Again speaking of plastic, people like Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson shouldn’t exist. Whatever happened to Pete’s talked up tough interior? Now his interior is as tough as his exterior which is very feminine. And all because of Ashlee Simpson: Queen of teeny boppers. If he wanted to make himself known as a hard arsed penis showing, party pashing, Lego man hair styling, tight jeans (or no jeans) wearing, profanity shouting, ugly face of a rat being then why’d he go and knock up Ashlee. Talk about cramping his already shitty style. I’m not sure if he can go lower than that.

Onto some things that make clouds happy and suns smile. Mirror House Antics. Once upon a time four high school guys made a band. They went onto achieve great success and they all lived happily ever after. Snuh, not everyone is like Silverchair. The other songs need about 2 or 3 plays before you start to like it. Unfortunately they're not as good as they dress - they look cooler than their songs are. Not to say they're just crap, the best song is: Days Of Joy. Check it out.

This is funny. Even though I hate Merrick and Rosso.

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Today's celebrity death prediction:
Celebrity: Joe Jonas
Method Of Death: Shot By Taylor Swift.

Knock Knock.

Who's There?

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Who?


I bid thee farewell and goodnight.

Nick Jonas

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