Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Not Gonna Teach Him How To Dance With You


Happy Australia Day! You'd think that cos it's a public holiday I'd have a day off from bitching and ranting. You'd be wrong. Public holidays rool but work sucks. There's hardly anything on tv. I hate it when that happens. Like on Christmas day. There's always that stupid cartoon of that bloody Christmas Pudding. No one cares about it. The crap movies are crap too. Except for Surviving Christmas. The tag line says it all; "hilarious". So true!

Tv specials in general are crap. Like 20-1 even though that show is pretty good for relieving boredom. They've changed it to 10-1 now cos they can't think of anything else to do. I mean you can't get more ideas when you've milked things to death already. Top 20 blunders? Greatest Inventions? Bert Newton isn't one of them.

Celebrity Death Prediction:
Celebrity: Lara Bingle
Method Of Death: Run over by her own Aston Martin

Miley Cyrus

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falco said...

i know for a fact you have nothing better to do, so update this you lazy wench