Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back To The Future

Is blogging the way of the future?

So many people blog. It could just be to bitch and rant to unsuspecting, innocent minds and force opinions on them or something useful like what's in and what's hot. My awesomely sexy friend Gaia has just recently dabbled into the dark world that is blogging. You can visit her blog here. Every motivation is different but most aim to do the same thing; voice your opinions. I think that freedom of speech is the most important thing in this world, whether it be on a soapbox at university or via blog. So is blogging like the new "writing into the editor"? Except this way there are no constraints on what you want to say? On one hand, this is a bit troubling. Should everyone be able to voice their opinions? What if their opinions are of a rude or racist nature for example? On the other hand, with editors, this may be edited out however it depends on what mode you go through. Your racist rants aren't going to be edited out on 2GB. This dilemma is inevitable in the capitalist society we live in today and it will continue on into the future.

Unless we all turn into robots.

But there are bound to be some malfunctions there.

From a crazy weirdo who dabbles into a serious issue once in a while,

George Bush,

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